How do I pay for my clockface or app?

For a video guide on how to purchase a clockface or app using K-Pay, visit this link:


1. Visit and enter the code shown on the watch's screen.

2. Select if you would like to buy the product by itself or as part of a bundle.

3. Enter your email address and any promo codes in the correct places.

4. Select PayPal or Credit Card, and enter all information it requests.

5. Make sure to complete your payment.

6. Your purchase is complete when your watch begins vibrating and displays a green checkmark.


  1. I am of the age that I must use reading glasses to focus up close.  I’m sure many of your users are.  I would like the clock face use the entire face area to display as much data as possible (time hrs & min, date, month, day, day of week, he

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