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Weather, Travel Times, and NearBy

  • For iOS Users: Ensure that the Fitbit app on your phone always has access to your location. Do this by going to Settings → Fitbit → Location. Set this to always. Next, ensure that Cellular Data and Background App Refresh to the Fitbit app are enabled. You can do this by going to Settings → Fitbit and making sure the toggle switches are in the "On" position.
  • Check that all permissions are granted. You must allow the application to access location and the internet.
  • Close and reopen the app.
  • Restart your phone and watch.
  • Sync your phone and watch.
  • Make sure that the Fitbit app is running on your phone. Do this by clicking on the Fitbit app to launch it.

The outdated weather usually signals a connection issue. Please refer to "Data Won't Load" to learn how to fix this.

Your weather units are based on those set within your Fitbit profile. This is based on your DISTANCE units, where feet correspond with °F and centimeters correspond with °C. Please click here to change

Distance and time units for Travel Times are selected in the app's settings page within the Fitbit app. Please refer to the settings guide to learn how to access them.


Many of our clockfaces & apps require a small, one time payment to use. These are handled in a secure maner through KiezelPay. Please watch this video to learn how to use KiezelPay.

Because Fitbit doesn't allow us to uniquely identify your device, you will be shown a payment screen every time you download a clockface or app. If you've already paid, please watch this video to learn how to unlock again for free.

The code that is being asked for is simply to route the unlock to the proper device. All purchases made are tied to your email. You don't need to write down or remember the code on your watch.

Bundles are a great way to gain access to many of our clockfaces/apps, usually at a steep discount. You may view all of our bundles here or choose when purchasing one of our products. When purchasing a product, there will be a menu that gives you all available bundles for the product you are purchasing. Simply select the one that you wish to purchase, and complete the purchase as normal.

If a message overlays your scren asking you to go to a website and enter a code, that is simply because the clockface you have chosen requires payment. While the message is there, you are free to go to any other apps that you should wish.

If you don't wish to pay the fee (typically between $1.49 and $2.49), you should either replace the clockface for uninstall the app. To learn how to remove an app, please look here. To learn how to remove a clock, please look here.


For Clockfaces:

Open the Fitbit app and follow the path homescreen → Profile(Click the icon in the upper left) → Clockfaces → Choose the appropriate clock → Click settings.

For Apps:

Open the Fitbit app and follow the path homescreen → Profile(Click the icon in the upper left) → Apps → Find the app's tile and click the gear icon.

After choosing settings on your mobile device, they are transfered to your watch via bluetooth. If settings aren't chaning, please try to reselect the settings, or restart your phone and watch and try again.

Excluding Travel Times, all apps and clockfaces rely on units supplied by Fitbit. To make edits to these, click here to change them. As note above, temperature units are based on distance units


Various issues within the FitbitOS operating system may cause this to be displayed. This isn't an issue with our clockface. To fix, first try to restart your device. If this fails, replace our clockface with a Fitbit one and then reselect. Follow the payments FAQ here to unlock the face for free if you've already paid.

Because of a small bug within FitbitOS, the install will sometimes fail to complete. To remedy this issue, fill the slot with the problematic face with a default Fitbit clock, and give it another try. If this countinues to fail, please contact us.

Most of our apps/clockfaces are built to work only with the latest version of FitbitOS. Because of this, you will need to update your watch to install them. To install the update, ensure the Fitbit app is updated and a message should appear under the device's tab prompting the update.

This appears when your paid app/clockface doesn't have access to the internet. This is required so that it can communicate with a server to download your license. To fix this, visit the Fitbit app and grant the permission under the app/clockface's menu.

Many of our apps and clockfaces require payment. Internet is needed in all of these so that I can download your license. Many of our apps and clockfaces offer additional features such as weather that also require internet.

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